Living For God: Deep truths for everyday godly living

This practical guide to Christian living has the potential to breathe new life into your walk with Jesus.
Living a life pleasing to God brings blessing and fruitfulness and this book of deep scriptural insights offers helpful new perspectives to develop your spiritual life. It explains key bible verses that vividly demonstrate how to live for God and walk in hope, faith, peace, strength and encouragement.
The author aims to lift up the weary, increase faith, give direction and strengthen your walk with Jesus. With a focus on the Sermon on the Mount, the latter part of the book focuses on the extraordinary beauty and help of the Beatitudes – amazing truths that form the basis of all discipleship.
This book is ideal for all those who yearn for spiritual breakthroughs in their life, for those who might be discouraged, or for those who just want to be refreshed with godly truth and hear what the Holy Spirit has to say to them today.


There are warning signs for almost every problem we face in life. For this reason this book, The UNBEARABLE FIVE: An Aura of Life Experiences; explores five main distressing life experiences people do come across; including the signs of dishonesty, betrayal and abusive circumstances.
They say knowledge is powerful. Therefore, it is much easier to protect yourself from what you know about. There are things in life that must not catch you off guard. There are several tactics perpetrators use to device their deceitful and strategic approach. For that reason, I have highlighted the red flags we all need to observe; because you will know them by their works.
This book is enriched with information that helps, mostly the Youth. So grab a copy and get some Hints. I wish you all the best in life, as you grow in wisdom.

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