Some say time doesn’t wait for anyone. Up the game someone, sometime, will have a plan and make sure time is ordered bearing attention to the schedules. The reason why most people keep an alarm clock is they want to keep at tasks, and because of the alarm they pass the confusion. The alarm is just like a reminder, it is designed to alert an individual or group of individuals of specific time.

The prime function of these alarm clocks is that as soon as the alarm makes a sound, it awakens the information that something was planned – and it is time it’s done or met. Why we need clock alarms? The simple reason is that there is time for everything, and some things are set for a specific time.

As we tend to learn and seek understanding from a lot from things that surround us. We can learn a few things from an alarm clock. So, what is popular about the alarm?

It is known that most alarms use sound, some use light or vibration to draw attention or raise the awareness. Some have sensors too, and many other forms. To stop the sound, light, or vibration a button is pressed. Most alarms automatically stop if left unattended long enough. What do we pick up from this? This can relate to how we can, or it can be so possible that some situations can solved raising awareness by speaking up louder, by not conforming to darkness (be the light), or just having the courage to shake off some things. One way or the other, it’s like pressing the simple right button to show that we are seeing what could be or what should be done, on the basics of a particular alarm/reminder/prompt.

Alarms are set to specify the time at which to activate into action. Choosing the wrong time set will lead to wrong start point. This is important to those who want to balance different obligations. This also allow people to prioritise by determining when it is more productive. Paying attention to how routines affect daily life. And avoid wasted time. What do we pick up from this? This can relate to how we can double check our settings before we order our steps.

When people set the alarm often it’s a morning alarm, precisely for people who plan out their day the night before and fix the time. The idea being that it is best to make plans for your day in advance and start believing. Here, the lesson we can pick up from pre-planning and is that the night times, although looking different, doesn’t stop the planning. Every dark moment should propel us to set expectations that it shall be bright again in this lifetime. Expectations that we will turn to effort with systems in place and on the programme. Because when it is dawned, and the sun is brightening. We know it is knock, knock! Who/what is there? There is a planner.

One more thing about the alarm does is that it is set for people who are making no excuses to what they want to accomplish during the day or near future. These are people who are readily watchful and waiting for the alarm and to see action. It is for those who have a sense of preparedness, to do with the fact there is something “that should be” to “have” or “be” scheduled, using the alarm as the directive tool around the clock. Today, or each day, when no plans were planned people always find alarms not necessary. When there is nothing planned or expected nobody get bothered about setting their alarm. It is in the demanding times that we find ourselves making significant steps and planning ahead. What do we pick up from this? It shows that the overnight period is a perfect fit, so good for people to rest in preparation for the new daybreak. Everything seems very silent, but the set time is not too far from reach. Soon the alarm will sound to verify so we connect with set targets, purpose or calling.

Talking about purpose or calling is a completely different form of the alarm system, which is seasoned and pre-destined to lead us the path that is significant, usually at personal level. When we are focused it’s easy to filter and use the shared underlying intuition to see what ought to be done, when and how. Sometimes it takes understanding through revelation for us to be aware of what, at a given moment. That form part of our shared confirmation with our consciousness. The act of experiencing this kind of awareness is incomplete without being aware of some, if not all, potential forms of distraction. When both ends of these set-ups are understood – all is cautiously managed so that the commissioning fully packaged.

The common challenges when discovering these meaningful alarms, is that life has its own way of stirring our hearts and energy towards purpose. As the purpose is unfolding, our challenges are our calculations, based on what we see and or hear, most of time there seems to be nothing in common with own goals. It doesn’t always match our prospects, time zone, how we do things or preferences. Or we find our ourselves editing what is presented before us to suit our standards. Then, only then we realise that whatever the situation or direction, it was pointing to the right direction. There are no short comings at all, and it is good as it is. Unless the type of alarm is something that involves evil tendencies, then it is important stay away no need to invest time in such.

Whatever is set for an appointed time, the ability to plan and judge is rewarding. In addition, what ought to be our biggest dream, whatever the plan or life changing discovery, is that in all that we seek we seek understanding. It works for all things, destiny, purpose, direction, protection, and many.

“When I select an appointed time, It is I who judge with equity.’’ – Psalm 75:2.