There are so many areas of life we wear essential uniforms, sometimes without us even knowing that there is a lot that look like and of direct connection to certain patterns of life so we function well. So many times in life we want to match, it could be things we do or associate with. And to get things in consistence in all cases and remain unchanging in appearance.

They say uniforms serve multiple purposes. Uniforms clearly identify teams, it’s a professional look, a form of identification that can put strangers at ease, a marketing tool, promotes a culture safety, also to convey a signature look. Now looking at a pre-programmed life there are matching things to help us discover destiny. Weather it’s by choice or creed, if we pay attention to what or who we are the substances that propel our destinies are so near and just within the experiences.

One of the most common elements of destiny conditions is the matching factor. It is an element that unifies our experiences. Those events unleashed in the past and modified in the present under the belt of destiny. All for the purpose of reminding the journey that destiny is a calling that doesn’t leave tracks of unfinished business.

Life is package of lived experience and its objects. The experience will make objects possible and those objects make experience possible as a consequence of each other. But what normally happens is, someway or another, we live the experiences and leave behind some objects that cause the experience make sense. And the time will come when destiny calls those matching objects to do the job and make the experience another significant moment. These objects can be that thought or that revelations. When these objects are matching a purposeful life experience, there is a sense of connectedness to convey a signature look.

That’s why as people, just like builders, we sometimes look back and have clear inspirational stories like the story of the stone that the builder left only to become a corner stone. A cornerstone is a vital part of a building, joining two walls to together, destiny is never instant but is built, propelled and realised from those ongoing purposeful experiences. How do we ignore the acts of destiny when what was left behind is purposefully reappearing before us? That very corner stone is a source of strength and the good thing is that a stone is so solid in such a way that it doesn’t die a sudden death. That’s what makes destiny as awesome as it can be because it never cease to deliver the spirit core existence to the process of life.

Life can cause people to change direction but what destiny does it carries people’s experience. Not just experience, but experience and its objects. The revelation that comes from these objects is enough to makes us understand what destiny looks like. The experience will make objects possible and those objects make experience possible as a consequence of each other. The force is uniform. Many are objects that are part of destiny but we never grasped them earlier along the journey. However, because destine doesn’t leave pathways of unfinished business, it has its own way of revealing itself. And we find that thought or knowledge in retrospect, is coming up as a matching gift, only to leave a wave of inspiration. Because the journey of destine is two-fold and the past is never really a thing of the past and every phase of life we draw inspiration. And we see, in most cases, the experience and its objects are in uniform so that where purpose lives do make sense. Leaving the past away from the present doesn’t work when it comes to destined life. Because the past and present are twinned like a set of garments made from the same cloth.

Even in cases where we find ourselves on a different path there is always a way to reconnect to form a matching story that takes us to keep going where we are supposed to be. Because of this matching work we can live in the shadow of destiny. Those things we dumped have a way of revealing and redecorating what we are doing and where we are going with matching careful bullet points and the presenting examples will often be those things we thought we have left them behind, forgotten and done.

But when people are living by shadow of their destiny. They only realise that experience and its objects will never look unwise in the presence of destiny. What makes experience and its objects not to look out of place in presence of destiny is the fact that destiny has a way of allowing the experience to make objects possible and likewise those objects make experience possible. Destiny has the ability to step up in a creative way to communicate with the calling that was once forgotten.

Then one day the incredible thing will find our realisation and only to see the similarity of the things we choose to do matching those things we thought as over and done. We can never place destiny behind us, it will catch up with us. Destiny is a purposeful experience that keeps living. That thought or revelation will keep revealing itself until the mission is accomplished.

The better the reflection of the experience and its objects that, like a sound, keeps coming with a matching message that is of direct proportion to the things and areas that need clarity – a matching factor that sharpens.

‘’Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.’’ – Proverbs 27:17.