Every new year many cultures celebrate the upcoming year as an event is some manner. The style of celebration depends upon locale. It is thought that the whole range of celebration stems from the various ways ancient societies welcome the new harvest seasons.

Symbolically there are other people who thinks new year signifies a renewal of life. So, the need to celebrate for the revival. As many people take time to recognise a time that marks the end of one year and the beginning of the upcoming year. So, they say new year new beginning.

The excitement to start another milestone is clear but can be emotional when it comes to setting, adjusting or implementing goals. Even though the standard form of every year is the same. There are times some years are longer than others. Whether it’s the ups and downs, months and chapters, weeks and themes, perceptions and hindsight throughout the year. These are some of the factors that make people feel like the clock is too slow or too fast to catch up. With our consciousness covering to keep us focusing on the big picture, either winning or at least rolling.

And we find ourselves accountable to have completed, created and viewed every stored file. Those who set up management reports believe in the concept of closing a period so that no additional information can be entered in that period to distort the figures that were already reported. But some of the real-life management reports are never closed or forgotten. Every year is a continuation of some kind of reasoning and ‘what next’ is a message still working along with all the basics needed up to the top line.

Because life doesn’t easily give up, we keep looking back and look for relevance so that the latter year should be just as appropriate as the former year, if not better. Every year is for us to step up and sometimes we cannot see what is better because we always look for big things to define change. Not realising even tiny matters are big investments and listening to that small still voice is really worthy doing.

How we build our lives starts with us as individuals and many will eventually understand if we remain standing. And invest in things that keep the focus. Because of that we see pessimism and optimism causing the use a common expression ‘the glass is half empty or half full. The good thing is that whether it is half-full, or empty all is according to individual’s point of view. And we see everyone celebrating the new year even with empty glasses because that is their point of reference. And know that an empty space is a vacuum to fill in something new. Nonetheless, it’s always good and creative when people see things differently.

The past years of life are there for hindsight, no more editing. That alone is enough to walk away and step in the new year with a brand-new mind for the brand-new year. We need to worry not about what is there to make it a resounding brand-new year because it’s a moment that can be born out of nowhere.

The end of the year is just a pointer to start afresh in life or a reflective continuity of what is left unfinished from yester year with a new glimpse and energy. Disembarking all sorts of the once-upon-a-time encounters and waiting to see what the new year has in store. To some it’s a lone moment, as they set yet another list of spurs personified. This provides the opportunity and reflection as we discretely take a moment to review the past year and prepare for the new one by resolving in order to add significance.

It’s a time to plant a new seed and because planting is done differently there is no doubt people will start their brand-new year differently.
• Some seeds need an open field planting. And during planting the seed is left uncovered at the surface before germinating.
• Some seeds need a seedbed planting and the seed is applied beneath the soil.
• Some seeds need special temperature.
• Some seeds need special seed treatment and pre-treatment of the soil.
• Some seeds don’t even need the soil. It grows well in water.
• Some planting doesn’t need the actual seed. The seed is in the form of its roots.
• And some planting is done from the stem. And the bottom of each piece is planted into the soil.

So, even though planting is a game changer, it comes in different shapes and styles. Causing the prompt of the new year to make changes in individual’s perceptions. In the end the prompt of the new year can change in ways an individual applies knowledge. The new ideas will model new leads as a by-product of knowledge update, and the courage to stay in our individual lanes.

Every hindsight is a gift to life. Through it, even though this could be a multifaceted phenomenon, it allows recollection and reconstruction of many substances that can have impact on the responsibility and certainty of foreseeable situations. While trying to analyse, understand and interpret events of life. And the greatest challenge we face is trying to view everything in a more positive light, which is a good thing though. But being positive shouldn’t lead to a state of overconfidence that we overlook situations we could have been altered. So, sometimes being able to see the negative side is all that it takes to take charge to shifting. There is a lot of transformation taking place as we journey, disembark and leap over from one year to another.

‘’He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end.’’ – Ecclesiastes 3:11.