‘’However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at.’’ – Stephen Hawking.


Life and expectations, these two, it’s like one is shaped by the other. Sometimes life with expectations it’s like entering into a relationship where we tend to have realistic expectations to allow us to accept someone’s flaws. Likewise, in general, these flaws are simply how nature brings up unexpected things.

In life somethings are highly expected than others. Somehow life is placed on a path of varied expectations, and we all discover what this map has in store for us as we journey. We go through somethings, go around somethings, go below something, go above something, several times life is shaped by how we manoeuvre the expected or unexpected. But the main breakthrough is growing as we go.

Often, we hear people using the word ‘something’ when referring to an object whose name is forgotten. Or used to indicate that the object in question is unknown or unimportant.

So much more ‘beautifully’ we confidently yet helplessly yield to use ‘something’ not because we forget what to say, but to some it’s a diplomatic way of saying or keeping secrecy. Please don’t quote the person as a liar – it’s called diplomacy LOL. It’s that crucial time when people don’t want to reveal what is it exactly, they are talking about. So, something can be used like a password. How interesting? Yes, ‘something’ can be used to save people from multitudes sins – it’s another topic very common when the elders start nailing a good lecture about having a tamed tongue.

Back to the topic! I deliberately believe that when people talk about levelheadedness, they are simply saying we might know it all, plan it all, but still experiencing unknown expectations along the way.

Looking closely, a better place to reflect on how we are all good at dealing with the unexpected ‘something’ is through our obvious senses; because there was a time, we FEEL the last thing we’d expect while getting ready to face the new day but still you managed to jump out of bed. Or there was a time you HEAR the last thing you’d expect while expecting the best of that friendship/relationship but still you managed to smile and say good bye.

We all have dealt with change more often than we notice. Those little things like: taking a different route to avoid danger, and still singing all the journey regardless of how long it will take us. It’s all about doing that we usually do, but in a different way. Moreover, feeling in control of the situation.

We have all learnt one way or the other to deal with unexpected situations and remain resilient. The best way to manage uncommon situations, unspecified or unknown, is by taking advantage of our self-knowledge. During these situations you will understand the importance of knowing who you are and areas of strengths from whence you can find decisive measures to make the right shot. This is something we learn with time, how to deal with uncommon, unspecified or unknown situations, whilst taking advantages of our insights or strengths.

Every new day is a check-in day and from day one we have plans purposely knitted together. By planning we know what to expect right from the beginning of twilight, but we find ourselves rearranging things and reprioritising because of the new knowledge that goes with a new day.

We often hear people encouraging us to get out of our comfort zones, but the truth is we all experiences unexpected things almost every day. To some they are always shoved out their comfort that they no longer feel uncomfortable whatsoever. It only affects people the most in times when we want to feel things are in control. We all feel safer in a positively controlled environment – safeguarding. When we know that the exposure to stress, panic or harm is proscribed.

Sometimes we just put on bravery and just deal with all dynamics, grafting any formulae that can put us on a stable balance. That’s where positive attitude is an asset on its own. The more positive we become the more we see a negative event with a perception that awakens ambition, motivation, and persistence, which in turn could make the situation a blessing in disguise.

Before we know it, we are building a solid foundation of our inner strength. A state of inner strength generally brings stability, and a better control of mind and actions. So that we can cope with a lot of unexpected situations. It doesn’t really need any training to learn how to positively manipulate a situation and strengthening the willpower and or self-discipline – these two are the main pillars of inner strength. As a result, a certain picture of inner peace is produced and everyone who knew what you are going through will see it.

Sometimes it is really difficult to adjust when facing sudden changes, surprises or unexpected events without developing skills to counterfeit such situations. Because anything that happens suddenly doesn’t always match human speed and or thought process in response.

A lot takes gradual development as we consequently harness these ‘less popular’ life skills – skills such as emotional detachment, inner strength and possessing inner peace. These are hardly noticed inner muscles that make us (when we make use of these skills) or break us (when we don’t). That simple hidden skill you have is enough to override the unanticipated ‘something’ to some degree. Including that ‘something’ we don’t want to call out because it is uncommon, unspecified or unexpected.

‘’Commit thy works unto the Lord, and thy thoughts shall be established.’’ – Proverbs 16:3.