“Biology gives you a brain. Life turns it into a mind.” – Jeffrey Eugenides.


The mine as well know is a plant used to dig in (the earth) for minerals. The mining of minerals, just like any business, everybody is locked up with people attending to their own duties. Team work, interpersonal skills and many other things, people helping people for the common goal.

What about ‘mine’ as of possessive pronoun used to refer to things that belong to or associated with the speaker? Now it goes personal. It is at this point when things like team work, interpersonal skills etc changes the way we think about other people creating segregation, gossip, just to name a few. Because the use of ‘mine’ is there to either cause us to reflect and be grateful of things that we have acquired. Or action us to think of ourselves or others as little/nobody until we/they acquire all things one can gain to keep or for transfer in many different ways. In that sense I just think ‘mine’ is another word for hustling.

There are things we accepted in our lives and these things have a distinct tag called ‘mine’. It could be anything, whatever the heart desires. Or certain corresponding affairs that make us complete, weather it is family, friends, or a religion. Whatever is there as ‘mine’ has fundamental impact every to day-to-day concept of life. And these things usually continue to make people feel little or more important part of something because there is a firm relationship, among people, that goes with simple acquaintances or character familiarity.

The human nature has a strong sense of belonging that can also reflect in people’s choices – how we select those things we need or want. The look of what someone calls ‘mine’ is different to others because not everyone has the same perception of interests. Without identifying and naming what is ours, it makes life difficult to relate to the surroundings. Having something, or as many as possible, to call ‘mine’ is a basic human motivation in the sense that we feel the need to get more and work extra on what we have so that more of ‘mine’ will come out of it.

As choices may differ, the difference is not actually a bad thing but a transformation process to some people, and a way to express their likeness. Then people will become more inclined to comply when they can identity what is theirs before starting to work on it – ‘mine’ can be an active operational strategy. So, the persuasion that motivates somebody is sometimes through a perfect match to where they want to be and or what you want to be.

Now the things we call mine can shaped our standards of living. The things around us can give us a certain perspective of know who we are and what we are in the community. Then the awards and assurances will go like,

Who is capable to grant a loan?
The answer is simple because being rich or poor is justified by the examination of what people have ‘mine’.

Where do people go for recognition?
The answer is simple because being famous or unknown is justified by the examination of what people have ‘mine’.

Where do people go for counsel?
The answer is simple because being crazy or clear-headed is justified by the examination of what people have ‘mine’.
Likewise, being wise or insensible is justified by the examination of what people have ‘mine’.

It looks like every potential or title is tied up to how much people acquired in life. As normal as it seems, to some it can be intimidating to find a space that is comfortable for them whilst surrounded by these chunks of real-life ranks, upon humanity imposed by humanity.

But, life! Life is not always about material things, these assets.

The all-time great asset will never run out. There is a prominent asset that resides right inside each one of us whose recognition deserves double attention. Yet it is overlooked by many. It’s called the mind. The mind is far beyond rubies. As long you have the mind, you have the real deal just inside you. Your mind is importantly as good as any valuable asset – some might to call it intellectual property. As long we all have our minds, no one can make ultimate judgement to define people by how much or what they currently acquire/earn per day, per hour, or even per second. Because no one knows the entirety of every person’s mind and its full potential.

When we take time and start looking at what the mind can do and bring forth. The beauty of it is that people cannot devalue your mind, it is a currency with no room for recession.

The norm will always be of thinking that we need to get more and more and taking care of all that we have in order to have good relationships, wealthy, status etc. The list is always capped only on material things. But we don’t consider the mind as a top fit on the list. The more we count the mind as the most principle asset, the more we take care of it.

Of course, we know that when someone is assessing and watching your list of possessions it is mainly about material things alongside people, relationships and all that is visible. And we tend to use that expertly as means for calibration, a result how people are potentially graded. And defining who they are and where they belong.

But the generation and regeneration of ideas is inside all of us, so no one is less than. The more we value our minds and invest in the mind a lot is possible. What can we do without the mind? It thinks and rules the world.

‘’Carefully guard your thoughts because they are the source of true life.’’ – Proverbs 4:23.