‘’The purpose of life is a life of purpose.’’ – Robert Byrne.


Most of the time the meaning of life as people perceive it is deliberately derived from the philosophical and religious contemplation of the existence, happiness, consciousness and societal narratives. And endless scientific inquiries of the existence.

The all-time same story with science is always the suggesting and exploration of the context and parameters concerning the “how” of life. Science as always is voted for to provide facts and recommendations for the overall pursuit of the well-being. As if everything about life and looking the wider standard of purpose is scientifically hypothetical; it’s all questions against answers. Likewise, the logic applied to rise purpose is found in Q & A. The topic of life purposes is always newsflash unless one goes through a series of immediate Q & A. Unless one is convinced and reach the ideal answer purpose will remain a fair battle of more questions against another integrated question.

So, wherever there is purpose, questions are inevitable they keep shooting like we never knew there is something new to think about. As we pick up and learn an increase of questions that are parallel and direct about the meaning of life and weighing the need to be expressed when it is time to find the solutions. Actually, these are the very questions calling to purpose, and they are always, with no particular order, yet still around

If there is a reason, what is the reason to live?
What is life all about? What is there of life?
What is the meaning of life? Who am I?
What is the purpose of life? Why I’m here for?
What is the purpose of one’s life? What can I deliver?
What is the significance of life? What are we living for?
What is the nature of life or reality? What is meaningful and valuable in life?

This same pattern of questions is so familiar and usually start to make sense as we grow and realise that the world is so direct and real. Even so direct as we realise almost everything is bidding towards the humanistic approach bringing together the discovery of individual experiences.

And all these questions cannot be answered whilst disregarding a wide range of competing answers and arguments, from scientific theories, to philosophical and spiritual explanations.

Supposedly very profound, purpose is one of those words which is sought after, in most cases, when people want to talk about growth or development. Personal and or corporate. That’s when things are put on the table and people start to pay attention to what is it they are doing, what they are producing, even as simple as what is inside of me. A very simple thought yet overwhelming.

Sometimes purpose is just a word but so demanding and making people look like vessels, already or waiting to be used. Now and again a lot has to be done, there purpose will find its perfect place. What a vessel and the engine to life?

• There is purpose for almost everything
• There is a reason for which something is done, useful or not
• There is a reason for which something is created, profitable or not
• There is a reason for which something exists, passive or not.

Hence, it’s a natural mental state for a human to attempt to achieve certain goals. Because life is always finding the reason for that ‘something’. What is hailed is the intentional action to accomplish a desired goal and making sure the course of action is satisfying.

Whether the mental state is intention for the future (prior-to-action) or of intentional actions (intention-in-action), purpose is what makes a lot of people look or feel their being/presence.

Intentions in action are much so active and there to make our thoughts clear, whereas prior intentions are not seemingly active. So, a prior intention doesn’t need to be carried out to be considered an intention. Any intention that is unfulfilled is just a prior intention that has no action associated with it. Consequently, when the intention is unfulfilled, and this happens quite a lot that’s when most people start to question the purpose of life, searching for answers. However, before the answer is attained there comes a plan of gaols to align and start moving from prior-to-action zone towards intention-in-action zone.

And whilst in action, even more questions spring up. Inevitably, it looks like purpose is questioned a lot and under scrutiny before it is answered when people are dwelling in the intention-in-action zone more than anything.

Whatever is ending in action ‘happening’ big or small, good or bad, there is purpose because there that’s when questions are being answered or ready to be answered. The action itself is so edge that even the hushed will ask questions and want to know more about life.

If things are good that means most of the work is exactly answered.
If things are not so good that means some areas have questions yet to be answered – a purpose that needs extra attention to detail. Along the way one will find purpose. Sometimes that purpose is achievable when everyone plays a part. Who knows! And that twist of a revelation might be laying in someone’s head whose presence might look dull. Again, who knows?

‘’The purposes of a person’s heart are deep waters, but one who has insight draws them out.’’ – Proverbs 20:5.

But talking about purpose is not just a focus on desires. Of course, desires cause intention, intention causes action, which causes the outcome.

What about beliefs?

Understanding purpose is thought to be pivotal in the understanding of social contexts in numerous ways. When purpose is out of the line, it’s now about how is the social and moral framework going justify it. Then we tend to praise, or blame based on whether the purpose is intentionally worthy.

In life, some put effort to find their short-term or long-term purposes, but some were surprisingly found by purpose. All the same it’s all about a belief that we are created to be …! Sometimes it is so specific. It doesn’t matter we see some things ‘vessels’ labelled all-purpose. There are times when the reality raise expectations that it takes a purposeful and precise definition.

Actually, life is worthy living, but what is worthy should be valued not hurt. Hurt? Yes. Probably, purpose can be a pain. Even, as many might wonder is this purpose on me for me, or others. Or on others for them, or me. It’s a world of questions. Many questions because of this thing called purpose. It takes a lot of strength and more grease.