‘’There is no end to education. It is not that you read a book, pass an examination, and finish with education. The whole of life, from the moment you are born to the moment you die, is a process of learning.’’ ― Jiddu Krishnamurti


Every living soul is a learning soul. Rationally, no human can run away from their shadow, therefore we can’t separate life from its learning curve.

Learning is part of life, and the essence of life comes out of it. Learning has diverse classifications and perceptions from different folks. Academically, learning is huddled into different faculties / abilities / talents / geniuses and all sorts of pathways. It’s possible to call it a supplementary learning that enables us to function in a society. It creates a system that supports rapidly developing technological, economic, social orders.

On the other hand, there is this type of learning that supersedes any other form, and it discharges itself in different shapes and sizes; depending on the situation. This type of learning follows us through from the beginning to the end. It doesn’t depend on faculties because it is not for the intellect; rather it is for the living. It covers the whole spectrum of humanity – it is just part of life. That’s why people who make it in life, will thoughtfully learn what it is to succeed, in the same way people who are weakening will thoughtfully comprehend what it is to feel so bad – everyone is a learner of some sort. Living is learning. And every lesson learned, soon or later, will make sense in the future.

‘’There is surely a future hope for you, and your hope will not be cut off.’’ – Proverbs 23:18.

Whether on top of the mountain or deep in the valley people are exposed to learning and learning is never-ending. The seminary might come to an end, but lessons of life will continue to do so. Every life is prone to learning because every life matters and every matter is a body of knowledge. Therefore, every step of life is no strange to education, whatever big or small.

Who can live a day without learning? Even in ignorance we learn the consequences of lack of knowledge. This is how learning zealously imparts life unbiased.

Life itself is a ministry of Education, whose cohorts have equal opportunity to graduate with either right or wrong answers but still become fully educated. This the only learning where there both passes and failures are good experts based on their experiences. All learners will learn something from both ends. This type of learning touches life and deals with individuals at personal level without being summoned – it’s different from the National curriculum. It is a learning space, no-one else, but only you can understand and become clever. Epitome is the word.

Obviously learning is formal learning or informal. Formal learning is when learning takes place within a professional environment, usually learning through a teacher-student assembly. Informal learning occurs throughout our day-to-day life situations or experiences; usually this learning takes place outside formal learning system.

By definition learning is the absorption, process, comprehension and retaining of knowledge; therefore learning is a process. But this process is triggered by several internal and external factors and these factors will determine how far we go in learning. The external factors are governed by the HOW, WHERE and WHEN, whilst internal factors are more of the emotional condition, motivational behaviour, purpose or goals, interest and more. I will dive onto internal learning factors, simply because they are much easier for one to control.

Just to name a few pearls, and for every reason a learner must have some of these characteristics:
– A learner is goal oriented.
– Where there is a goal we become motivated and intentional.
– Meaningful intentions stimulate interest and boost learner’s energy.
– When a learner is interested they become attentive to the revelation.
– The interesting part of being interested is that the learner is concerned.
– Being concerned is positively interesting because it shows the caring side.
– Anyone who is caring can be entrusted with a task or an assignment of excellence.
– Any task of excellence is an opportunity that requires learning and more learning.

Every task is an opportunity and who knows what the opportune opportunity entails, as a result learning demands life-long students. In every moment we are learning something new – in other word we learn, we launch and we learn more. Indeed learning is continuous, it creates an opportunity and an opportunity is for learners.

A learner is goal oriented. Goals or purposes are part and parcel of life. When we have expectations we become enrolled as undergraduates desiring to achieve something immediately or later in life. Now see that expectations create goals and goals cause motivational behaviour to surface.

Every learner has motivational behaviour. The motive behind the behaviour is a means that probe motivated learners to stimulate themselves with an interest. This is the exact motivational behaviour that stirs up the learner’s internal energies. Now see that no one can just do the work and feel interested in what they do without motivation.

Every learner should have some interest or excellent quality that stirs up a feeling towards the goal. It encourages a student to work attentively over tasks and even further. Amongst learners, the best learner is the one who shows most interest. In this case, the best learner outcome is not measured by his/her intellect, it’s no longer about brainpower, but the willingness to take the challenge and learn something new. There is interest that is obvious or rather superficial and another one that is sincere, clearly genuine and possibly misunderstood by others.

The good thing about having interest is that it promotes the level of concentration and upholds conscious responds that captivates the learning process.

It’s not bizarre to be a learner spontaneously in every step or chapter of life. One way or the other we are ALL learners. Isn’t that remarkably amazing?