“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson


The message in this blog communicates to the inner-person – is it good for self-reflection.

There is something naked or bare yet disguised under the sun that is an enemy to humanity – that’s unfaithfulness. It is bare yet disguised because it’s quite open before our naked eyes and can still afford to do the trick politely unchallenged. This kind of unfaithfulness doesn’t live next door, its residential address is called ‘yours truly’.

Often we talk about inconsistency, failure, disappointments, chaos, disorder, confusion, mess and disturbances without pointing to the root cause especially when the matter is very near and personal, belonging to oneself.

The word unfaithfulness is used to express the quality of person’s nature and activity. Unfaithful is used as an adjective, whereas unfaithfulness fits well as the noun.

Literally, faithful means “to be secure or firm” denoting the firmness of that which supports something. Whilst faithfulness is when the person’s understanding/compassion and truth are combined, his/her compassion being the source of overall gracious undertakings and his /her truth is the faithfulness with which he/she certainly fulfils them.

The attribute of faithfulness, whereby one discharges his/her duties faithfully is a blessing to individual’s practice. Obviously, our day-to-day expectation is to be around, or we rightfully seek faithfulness within our families or various environmental settings.

As long there is unfaithfulness as per individual the meaning of faithfulness from outside sources slowly but surely becomes meaningless – it will lose its power to function purposefully.

The only solution is to first seek, know and befriend the faithfulness that dwells within.

The heart and mind speaks to everyone at personal level, that is how we fellowship with oneself. Every word thought or spoken goeth forth and makes plans that, in most cases, only to be accomplished and prosper in the areas where faithfulness is the judicial rule, because faithfulness act the same as a trial during the process.

Sensibly, faithfulness doesn’t require a whole lot of treacherous people to be broken. It takes a little bit of inattention to the values of two words ‘Yes’ and ‘No’.

‘’But let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes’ and your ‘No’ be ‘No.’ Whatever is more than these is of the evil one.’’ – Matthew 5:37.

Unfaithfulness is as simple as imbalanced consciousness when Yes is No and No is Yes. Mindfulness of differentiating Yes and No to fit for purpose is the key to many prosperous avenues. This form of self-destruction as far as faithfulness is concerned; I would like to call it independent unfaithfulness or autonomous betrayal.

Yes and No are never good friends.
Yes and No will never walk together and agree, even on simple things.
Yes and No they are quarrelsome.
Yes and No they think one is right and the other is wrong.
Yes and No they blame each other’s opinions, they attach each other.
Yes and No they always disagree, compete each other.
Yes and No are religiously competitive wherever they go.

I have never tempted to drink a glass of both lemon and orange juice, but I would love to know how it desperately tastes.

One of the definitions of faithfulness is the absence of rivalry, war or competition because where there is competition there is the opposing force tearing each other apart. When force is working in opposite direction there is friction, and friction causes bruises. Who wants to be bruised? And whose development needs bruises? I believe none!

Keeping lane ‘Yes’ and lane ‘No’ in parallel, not in zig-zag fashion will do the soothing of most personal life events.

Faithfulness as sweet as it is, but it is not always easy to maintain its characteristics. We tend to change lanes without second thought.

Self-development is so much easy to work out within the limits of faithfulness, because it doesn’t require the approval from someone else. Because self-development is locally governed, there is no room for complications, rather than staying true to oneself. Just putting the mind and emotions in harmony in order to plan and deliver what is expected by treating plan ‘Yes’ or plan ‘No’ differently in their lanes.

Just as we know that unfaithfulness can break hearts, the living organs to pieces and temporarily or permanently destroys relationships. The same as autonomous unfaithfulness, it doesn’t think sparely about its owner, it destroy every good living plan or purpose like there is no tomorrow.

When these two opposing words work loosely in one’s duty or some sort of important matters of life, eventually there will be friction and lose.

Any action that is true to itself is reliable and unique for its purpose. And the other advantage of staying true is the clarity of the environment created thereof. Staying true creates a clear environment that makes the job easier to identity when the extraneous weeds or the unwanted starts to coil or compromise the original plan. This is possible when faithfulness stands its ground and defends its own.

The chat of purpose whether spoken or just a thought can directly or indirectly have negative impact if there is no faithfulness which is the backbone to maintain ideas on the move. Realistically, in life there are right turns, left turns, curves, roundabouts, immediate stops and many more guiding signs but that should not change a ‘Yes’ to ‘No’ or ‘No’ to ‘Yes’. It’s only a sign that’s needs a different approach that doesn’t betray the original signature or intension. Unless if it’s a case of repentance or regret, then a new rule is applied, whereby a ‘Yes’ can be ‘No’, inversely.

Of course, ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ are words faithful to this world. But it becomes an issue they are unrelatedly used or abused to cause inconveniences; whether it’s knowingly or unknowingly the result is the same. How annoyingly unfaithful that is?

As long as truthfulness exists, faithfulness subsists.
As long as truthfulness is the security code to produce genuine products, successively faithfulness will survive every process in order to keep the head above water, running the race up to the finishing line.

Faithfulness in-person pays!