“Educate to Empower”

A Christian organisation with a vision that reaches out with acts that serves to educate and empower girls. The sessions or tutorials will mostly benefit girls and women wishing to establish or enhance their own ‘personal’ or ‘mathematics’ support provision.

We uphold Christian values to bridge the gap and reach out to serve people from different ethnicities.

Our Services

Girls Empowerment Strategies (GES)

At Girls Empowerment Strategies we believe in strategy driven solutions. As we believe a strategy requires the wisdom to create something that takes you somewhere from anywhere. We empower each other with relevant codes and standards from Psychological, Social and Biblical approaches, to ensure that girls can guard themselves and enjoy purposeful lifestyle.

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Maths Makes Sense (Tutorials)

Maths Makes Sense offers great revision possibilities through tutorial sessions. These tutorial sessions are tailored to benefit those who want extra work GCSE Maths and Maths Functional skills. There is a reward in practice. If you are working basic Maths, or have set target to meet before exams you are welcome to these FREE sessions.

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Academic Book Donations

We accept academic book donations.

Contact us if you have a book/books you would kindly like to donate